Hello “Q” World!!!


I have been talking about starting an exercise blog for the longest time, but never got around to it.  I am supposed to be doing math right now, but I sit here doing what?  A blog.  I wanted to journal my experience as a way to stay accountable and to express my feelings openly and honestly (profanity included) but when I sat down to put pen to paper (actually fingers to keyboard) what I was inspired to do was something completely different.

I thought about “Fat to Fit” and various other catchy, I used to be fat titles, but since I want this to be an ongoing project, I wanted more.  I have never been one of these fat girls, who hate themselves or put themselves down, on the contrary, I think the defining characteristic of my personality which gave me empathy and sympathetic to the needs of others was growing up a fat kid.  I would be lying if I said “I never dreamed of having thin thighs or the hump removed from as ass!”  But I am ready for a transformation.
What  started this was when I lived in NYC, I was active and lugged this big body everywhere!  I would sooner die than you see the fat chick backing down from a wall of stairs!!  I used to hear fat people say, “when I started, I couldn’t even walk around the block!”  I used to say out loud “how’d the hell did that happen?”  Now I know!  WHY because I moved to Los Angeles, 5 years ago and it is happening to me.  The only reason I get out and walk is because I am a full time student and walk all over campus everyday

I chose “My Big Fat Q Life” because I want this blog to be more about my getting fit transformation, I want it to be about living life to the fullest.   I heard Oprah say once “when I see a fat woman, I know she is not living her life to it fullest potential.”    I LLLOVE me some Oprah, but I have found in my experience most PEOPLE don’t live that life…period.    I realized that looking back at my letter from my 17 year old self, I have turned out to be all that I wanted to be.  OK I didn’t become a rock star, with my own fashion label, but  I have done some extraordinary things in my life and I am hoping my blog will inspire others to live a big, fat life!


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